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additional system

We offer a few add-ons for your system. These are optional but may be necessary within your facility. 

Near real-time notifications  

  • In order to keep better tabs on your AGV fleet, we offer the option to set up text notifications that notify you when specific conditions have been met. For instance, the AGV has not moved in 20 minutes and has an order to move. This would trigger a text notification to be sent allowing the issue to be resolved. 

Generate invoices via current accounting system 

  • Triggers within your facility can be set to generate invoices. For example, once AGV drives over dock, an invoice can automatically be sent to the appropriate representative. This application is common for truck loading.

Communicate with WMS or MRP system 

  • Advanced communication system with the ability to use AI to communicate with other software allowing for a system to run itself without human intervention. 

Control system (ability to integrate with overhead doors, security system, control lights, freight elevators, etc.)  

  • This allows AGVs to talk to other systems. For instance, if a room has an alarm that triggers anytime someone enters the room, the AGV can communicate with the system and disarm the alarm.

Metrics report 

  • A report can be generated that shows things like how many miles have been driven, stops, pickups, etc. 

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