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AGV Safety Sensors 

Interested in learning more about how AGV safety sensors

Red running lights around robot 

  • Some environments may benefit from a visual cue to indicate an AGV is running rather than just auditory cues like an alarm. Red running lights can be added to any AGV to indicate an AGV is in motion and show safety lines along the outside of the vehicle.

Integration of turn signals into red running lights 

  • ​Turn signals can be upgraded to red running lights to indicate when a turn is being made. This can be valuable when manual forklifts and AGVs are working in the same space therefore a forklift driver knows when a turn is coming to avoid collisions.

Custom audio notifications 

  • Typical AGVs beep to indicate a notification. We provide the option to change to a different audio notification whether that be a voice or different sound. In a busy warehouse or factory, beeps start to blend together. Custom audio notifications are a great way to ensure notifications stand out.

Video/Digital camera integration 

  • Staying on the cutting edge of technology is of the utmost importance. This is why we have designed an all-in-one AGV vision sensor with advanced optics to document shipments. Vision onboard your automated guided vehicle gives you the ability to verify how product looks prior to being shipped out

Scale integration for QC check 

  • Integrating a scale allows you the ability to check the weight of pallets so you know if product is accurate or not based on weight.

Barcode reader 

  • An added barcode reader allows for easy tracking of products within your facility. The barcode tells the AGV more information about the product and communicates with the system.

Sweeper attachment 

  • Sometimes multiple AGVs are needed in order to efficiently get a job done but not all AGVs work at full capacity. In these instances, we offer the option to add a palletized vacuum cleaner, so the AGV is still able to do helpful work like cleaning rather than sitting during down times. 

Mobile trash hopper attachment 

  • Similar to the sweeper attachment, a mobile trash hopper can be added to increase productivity of inactive AGVs.

Power inverter (110 volt) 

  • We’ve found that some customers need to work on their laptops while near their AGVs. For these special cases, we offer a power inverter onboard the AGV so laptops and other electronic devices can be plugged right into the AGV to charge.

Onboard cleaning kit and safety triangles 

  • AGV safety sensor lenses need to be cleaned periodically. In certain environments with high amounts of dust and debris, they need to be cleaned frequently. You can add a cleaning kit onboard your AGV so these essentials are easy to access.

Backlight LED logo 

  • Add a branding flare to your AGV by requesting a backlit LED showcasing your logo.

Outdoor rating 

  • For AGVs running outside, we offer an outdoor package. AGVs cannot accommodate snow or ice but can accommodate rain (though speed will be decreased).

Freezer application 

  • When AGVs travel in and out of a freezer, their navigation sensors fog up. If an application calls for product to be moved between a freezer and a room of normal temperature, they must have 2 AGVs. One for inside the freezer and the other one for outside. We can add a special entry way that allows the two AGVs to transfer products to one another.

Stainless steel & washdown 

  • Stainless steel is an option for your AGV. We also offer the option to build a food grade AGV using peanut oil rather than hydraulic fluid.

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