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Data tracking 

Tracking is an optional add-on. We offer three different data tracking options in order to fit the demands of your everchanging operation. 


Tracking product as it moves throughout facility. As a load is moved, the information about it is also moved and maintained within the robot's system. Reports are available on what loads are where, how many moved, etc. There are two types of products tracking. 

  • Standard tracking - basic origins and destinations

  • ISO 9001 - ideal for pharmaceutical and aerospace industries 


Tracking for product that is being stored. If your facility stores product using buffers, racking shelves, or any type of area that contains 
loads not onboard a robot to be moved later, this option is ideal.


Keeping tabs on product by "checking" products. 
This data tracking option checks products via "check point" or automatically checks various aspects of product like barcodes, weight, height, etc. and automatically correct them if necessary. 

  • Barcodes and RFID

  • Dimensional tolerance check - confirming load dimensions are as expected

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