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WHAT IS THE  ebot line?

ebot 3.png

The AIM eBOT line gives you the freedom to create customized AGVs using a modular approach. Similar to building a custom car, you have the ability to select each piece or feature of the vehicle in order to create an eWorker to specifically meet the needs of your operation. There are three main pieces to consider when building your eWorker. First, the robot itself, second, the manager (otherwise known as the computer system that directs the eWorker where to go) and lastly the tracker, which is an optional feature allowing product to be tracked throughout your facility. Throughout every step of the process, a fully customizable option is available. 

As you piece together your custom solution, keep in mind that features can be added later, or even exchanged for different ones at a later stage. We understand the demands within your operations change, which is why the EBOT line changes with you.

explore the steps of Building a custom automated guided vehicle 

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