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Determine how the robots will get “called” to pick up and drop off product either through a call button, sensor, smart controller, or host computer communication.

Call Button

Pressed by an operator each time a robot is needed to pickup a load. Similar to "calling" an elevator.


A sensor can be used to send a signal to call the robot to come and pick up product. These sensors work similarly to when you walk up to a door and it automatically opens.

Touch Screen

Based on the graphic displayed on the touch screen, software knows where to send robot for pickup and delivery. 

Any PLC/Smart Controller

If you already have a machine, a standard robot, or something that has any type of controller or computer in it, then the "computer" can be programmed to automatically send signals to the robot.

Host Computer Communication 

This option is for facilities that already have an inventory system that keeps track of all parts or loads in a factory. This signal can be used to call for the robot wherever or whenever needed.

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